Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raise the Bar

Today we had Stake Conference. I was feeling pretty good about getting all three kids out of the house 30 minutes early to go get seats. Apparently everyone was doing pretty well today because the first row of seats available was pretty far back. It put us right behind two families of 6 kids. One family with 5 boys and one girl. They didn't have any bag of tricks and all of them sat there the entire 2 hours. The other family had 5 girls and one boy and the youngest two were baby girl twins (about 4 months old). And the dad is a bishop. (Just like my family.) They also all sat without any entertainment except for their youngest two children. The moms looked totally together and calm and appeared to have listened to the whole conference without any interruptions from children.

Geesh! I had my 3 kids and a bag full of stuff and we couldn't be reverent. Then watching those twin babies and all their needs, I started feeling a little overwhelmed about adding a 4th. What were we thinking? Well, we need to raise the bar at our house. The kids and I need to do a little work. My kids might freak out when they go to church without a church bag but apparently it can be done.

On a positive note - I was very impressed with all the stories that my kids were able to recite from conference. Apparently they actually were listening. It wasn't a total waste of 2 hours for them, after all.

Our visiting general authority was Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis. He is from Brazil but serving in Argentina area. He was fabulous. He reminded me so much of my grandpa Cannon. He had a great sense of humor, excellent at telling stories, and had great messages for the youth and the adults.

The Stake President's message was to encourage us to commit our families to the stake goals: 1 - meaningful daily prayer, 2 - daily scriptures study, and 3 - weekly family home evening with a gospel message.

We had a little extra time today, so took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Kenyon has been wanting to go up the canyon since Labor Day and we just haven't been able to make it happen. It was gorgeous and the perfect little family outing.

It was a good sabbath day! (plus it ended with homemade chocolate cake - thanks Kristine and warm apple crisp).


Christina said...

Oh man! I am feeling very guilty. We have a hard time getting there on time. Ever. We haven't even tried to sit in the main room for Stake conference. I need them to show me how to work with my Samuel. I am at a loss.

Janna said...

Thanks for the update and summary of stake conference. I love it and was so sad that we missed it. My kids were there with grandparents though. They even said it was good, well Lauryn did, not the boys.

I know who one of those families are....the one with 5 boys and 1 girl. I don't know how they do it, with no bag of tricks. But there is hope, I guess. I don't take a bag of tricks anymore, but the kids end up drawing on the program and finding pens in their scripture bags. And Ashby always loads up his pockets with legos or cars. lol

Andrea said...

I sooooo don't get how to do the kids/church thing right - we were taking turns walking the halls with the 3 little ones. And it was a good thing we were in an overflow room (my kids were NOT quiet, and seemed to be doing a lot of rolling around on the floor.)

Juliann said...

Maybe those two families are just well behaved for church and the rest of the week they pick their noses and never finish their homework and fight in the car and put spiders in their governess's bed. And I bet they couldn't go home and tell their moms what they learned in Stake Conference because they were all asleep. So don't feel bad, whatever you're doing is working!