Friday, March 6, 2009

A bunch of stuff

This week at preschool GCrew learned about March weather. Lion weather and Lamb weather. He made this cute little visual that he likes to show us. So yesterday when we woke up to the covering of snow, we had a breakfast discussion about if the snow was Lion or Lamb weather. Quite a difference of opinion.

As for the run - I am TOTALLY out of shape. It is killing me not to get to the gym. Wii Fit is fun but it is not cutting it. Anyway, last year a couple of Kenyon's family members participated in the Rex Lee Run in Provo. Rex Lee was president of BYU when I entered as a freshman. He died of cancer. There is a run every year in Provo to support cancer research at BYU. I thought it was so cool and touching that they would run with Kenyon in mind (and others that they know fighting cancer). I told myself last year that I would FOR SURE do that run. Yeah well, I kind of thought I would be prepared. I did a little search today and realized that the Rex Lee Run 5K/10K is NEXT WEEKEND. Shoot. That doesn't leave much prep time. But, I think I should do it anyway. A 5K - Anyone can do that, right? I might (quite likely) have to walk some of it (all of it) but that is ok. Anyone want to join me?

Today my sister Jane and I took the kids to the Draper Temple Open House. What a gorgeous temple! The kids were particularly interested in the crystals (or diamonds as they called them) on the chandeliers. I loved the Spirit and the furniture, fabric and Minerva Teichert paintings.

This is one of my favorites from the temple. It is not one that I was familiar with. It looked so beautiful. I WANT IT!
I really missed having Kenyon at the temple with us. I was sure that I was safe picking March 6th. I never would have thought he would be in the hospital. Hopefully, by June he will be able to join us at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It is such a cool thing that my kids have 2 opportunities to tour the temple.

Speaking of Kenyon - he is trying a new med and a small decrease in steroids. We'll see if that does that trick.


lyns said...

I want to walk it! Since I'm pregnant I didn't start training but I really want to do it let me know if your up for it!

Angie said...

klane and i are doing it too! we're crazy though and signed up for the 10. but we will see you at the starting and finish line!

Jen Love said...

We have the same discussion about lion and lamb weather. we are lucky to have such a good preschool teacher that makes such cute things. Good luck with the run/walk.

Steve and Dayna said...

I want to do it for sure! count us in!