Thursday, September 18, 2008

'hold on thy way, fear not, god shall be with you forever and ever.'

A couple of weeks ago, Elder Holland gave a CES fireside for the young adults of our church. My sisters attended this fireside and then sent the family an email encouraging us to watch/listen to his talk. I love Elder Holland's talks and I finally got around to taking the 44 minutes to watch it on my laptop. It is fantastic and I thought I would put it out there for all of you. Take 44 minutes and listen to Elder Holland. It is definitely applicable for every one of my readers. We all face trials. Elder Holland describes Joseph Smith's experience in Liberty Jail and the lessons that we can learn from this experience.


Holly C M said...

A homerun talk by Elder Holland. So full and rich and encouraging. Elder Holland was full of the Spirit.

McKinlay Family said...

I want you to know I listened to the whole talk. It was very inspiring. Thanks Annie. Your a good egg. (That's what my dad says...)

KatieM said...

Thanks for posting this, Annie!! I always love a dynamite talk by Holland. He always delivers.

I plan on listening to this next time I nurse,, say, in 30 minutes. Thanks again.


Sunni said...

I'm totally listening to this when its not 10pm, and I am soo glad to hear Kenyon is doing better. I'm pretty sure that he might be super human. Keep it up K!