Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Julianne!!

Julianne and I met when we were 3 years old. Today she turned 34!! She has been my friend for so long now and every year we think back to how long we have known each other. We took ballet together in Seattle. She was always a class or two ahead of me. She has always been so talented at everything she does. I am just scrambling to catch up.

This was a super fun year at Girls Camp. Julianne and Juliann - my two dearest friends - and I lashed this stool together to pass off some requirement. We were pretty proud of our accomplishments.

I was flipping through some old journals today to see what I had recorded about Julianne. There is a lot! On February 16, 1987 I wrote, "I went shopping with Julianne for her birthday and we went out for pizza and I gave her a banana clip, white earrings and a heart full of candy." Wow! The good old days of banana clip gifts!!

On May 19, 1991 I wrote, "Julianne took 4th in WESCOAAA tennis (doubles) tournament. She is 2nd alternate for state. She is SO good!" We used to meet up at the top of our hill and play tennis. I miss those days.

I am so grateful for great friends who have been my friends for so long. Even though we don't live near each other anymore and get busy with our own lives, I know we are still friends. I love that!

So happy birthday to my oldest friend - not "old" friend, but you know what I mean...

Wishing you all the best this year!! (My wish would be that you move to Utah - but that is a long shot...)


Juliann said...

AAACCCKKK!!! That picture of us at girls' camp! So many memories. . . I was really proud of that stool.

Julianne, I ecko Annie's comments with a Hearty Happy Birthday! And I'm glad you hit all those big numbers before us! (barely.)

Julianne said...

I still can't believe how much make-up my mom put on me for those ballet performances! Yikes. And what a sweet friend you were to record my short-lived tennis success in your journal. We certainly did have a lot of good times over the years... Thanks, Annie!