Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Look what the kids picked out

Kenyon took the kids to the store to pick out candy for my Easter basket. Looked what they picked out! Come on! I like - no love - chocolate - but not this kind. Really? But they were not going to let it just sit there. They COULD NOT wait for me to bust that thing open and take a bite. What they really wanted (I soon figured out) was to eat it themselves. Thank heavens. Because I NEVER would have eaten that thing.

Cadbury Mini Eggs, Reeses PB eggs, Cinnamon Bunnies, even Peeps - that is a different story.
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Burts said...

That really did make me laugh out loud :)!

The Loves said...

Teague told me all about it. He was so excited for you to eat it. It was funny to hear him describe you when you saw it. Love your kids!

Angie said...

Hahaha, I would not be a fan either. Waxy giant chocolate eggs (or bunnies, for that matter) are not appetizing. Isn't it funny how kids like the grossest things? But you try to feed them something you find absolutely delicious and they won't touch it because it's unfamiliar (like... salmon, or pesto sauce). I just love picturing the delight on your kids faces when you took a bite. :) So funny.

Lindsey said...

That's hilarious. Especially since I know that you love Easter candy...the good Easter candy.