Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hogle Zoo

How cute is that baby elephant? Only 250 lbs at birth. 
Unfortunately that was about as exciting as it got at the zoo. We found out later that the baby giraffe had died that day. So sad. He was so cute.

Since nothing much was happening in the outdoor exhibits, we spent our time in the snake house. Quinn LOVED it.
And then we went to the Zoo park. I think they would have stayed all day but I was done. All the kids were in the park since there was none of the animals were out.

Will the snow PLEASE go away. Sick of this weather.


katie m said...

oh, girl, you need to move out to philly, for awesome, sweating-it-up weather. my heart is sad for slc weather.

and 250 lbs at birth?? i would be officially dead if I had to deliver that.

your easter dinner did looks fabu-ess!!! yum! i hope the jello turned out okay. can chris and i come with our parade next year for easter din din?? you guys know how to do it!

Julie said...

Such cute cute pictures!!! I love the zoo! Haven't taken the kids yet! And that picture of your new niece getting kissed is the cutest thing EVER!