Friday, November 21, 2008


That would be THANK YOU in Russian. We have been spoiled by gifts, adoring visitors, and meals. I think I need to start doing my own cooking but it has been so nice. I have to send out a special thank you to my dear ILP friends. I taught English in Russia (Fall '95) with the greatest group of girls. The whole experience was a amazing (crazy, scary, fun, hard, cold, etc). A major part of the Russian experience - at least for us - was FOOD. And it wasn't always a good experience. I mostly hated the food but somehow that didn't stop me from coming home a good 15lbs heavier. I think it was all the nutella and bread we shoved in our faces. It was our way getting through the whole thing. My Russian mother would grab my cheeks to see if I was getting fat enough. To her - it was a sign that she had treated me well. A little too well. I have some pretty choice pictures of these amazing girls but they aren't digital and I currently don't have a working scanner. It is probably better that way. But, I am so grateful to them. They have organized meals (from Idaho), cooked amazing dinners, drove a ways to deliver them. Spaseba! Let's get together soon. December?

Different Subject: Craziness. I am one of those seriously crazy people who went to see Twilight at midnight. Who does that? The movie isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The District sold out all 20 theaters. All the showings started at midnight. That means there were about 4000 crazy females in one place. Aghhh! I am not a big fan of crowds of crazy woman. It probably is the easiest time for me to leave the house but it is also about the only sleep I am getting. And I gave it up! It was fun and I thought the movie was good. I am sure critic will rip it up. It certainly has some problems but as a Twilight fan - I was happy. I am too tired and brain dead to write a decent review but my die-hard Twilight friend,
Andrea, wrote a great review. I thought the same thing, so I will call it my review too. :) Thanks to my niece, Annie, for getting us the tickets. And super thanks to Jen and her girls for going with me. (I think I said crazy too many times. I need to go to bed.)


Andrea said...

You're so awesome! Thanks for the reference! Wasn't that crazy hysteria last night? I was impressed by how many moms of our age group were there - not so many teens (that's our area's demographics though). I don't get out much, especially to the movies, so last night was a treat that I was glad to share with fellow ladies obsessed with Twilight like myself.

Pick me up a Sonic Soda today:) Actually, I may beat you to it - I'm really in need here.

P.S. Quinn is so adorable!

Burts said...

Annie, my sister saw you at the movie and was so impressed that you were there after just having had a baby:) I keep meaning to tell you that I think this picture of Quinn looks just like Kenyon.

Holly C M said...

Wow, Annie.
Dad and I are sooooo proud.
Just kidding. Glad you were able to get out and see a movie.
I loved the paragraph about your darling friends from Russia and a reminder about that experience.

Malea said...

How great and ironic that the first time I see your blog that we get a shout out! Well, not me in particular due to the fact that I was not able to send you food, but here's some virtual ju ju to you and that pretty little girl of yours. Congrats! I'm so grateful for that experience as well. So many stinky, hairy, roachy memories; good times.

Christina said...

Hooray! Malea found us! That Twighlight thing is hilarious. I am kind of afraid to see it. I don't do well with scary movies and the trailers made it look so scary. I am also creeped out by the guy they chose as Edward (besides the fact that he is a vampire :)).