Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicken Tarragon Recipe Update

I have an update thanks to my friend Amy. My Chicken Tarragon recipe listed somewhere on the side has been improved. Amy omitted the asparagus and added artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes and they loved it. Give it a try.

I love improvements to recipes so please share.

Also, I realized that I haven't shared any recipes in quite sometime and that is completely due the pregnancy factor. I will work on that. I need some good food in my life.


The Snow's said...

When I'm first pregnant, I can't think about food at all or it will make me sick. Are you past all that good stuff?

Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

i will for sure burn you a cd with all the pictures. i have a ton more that you would love to have.

Janna said...

I tried the recipe with artichoke hearts, no asparagus or sun-dried tomatoes. I loved it!