Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Changes

Today Kenyon was released from the bishopric. He has been in 3 years and has really enjoyed his time serving in this capacity. We are so sad. With the transplant there is just no way to have any calling. It really hasn't been that difficult of a calling. We have felt so blessed as he has served. The kids were happy to have him come home early today - except then he took a long nap (well deserved but a little disappointing to the kids).


Burts said...

I just cant say enough about the respect I have for your family. I know the road ahead is long but the outcome will be great!!! I kind of hope there is a little baby boy in the future so that I can hand down brand new jammies and onsies that I will never use again:(! I am always here for you Annie, I sincerely hope you know that.

Liz said...

Your family is so sweet. You were the first ones to approach us in the ward when we were new. Thank you!! We hope Kenyon gets a little break before the serious days come. I know you will be blessed and watched over!

Sunni said...

Hang in there Annie girl! You catch a nap too now and then. Especially after your hard core 5:45 a.m. gym schedule!