Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Sugar Day 2

Guess who turns 3 in half an hour? I will post about her tomorrow. She kills us daily. I wish I kept a better record because she says some of the funniest things.

But to the point of the post...

This is hard. But hooray for people joining me. It definitely makes it easier. In fact, I have to try so hard to be encouraging and motivating to the kids that I can't really worry about how much I would love a handful of chocolate chips or any of their candy in the cupboard (which why am I keeping that?).

One of my favorite blogs that motivates me to be healthier is Word of Wisdom Living. You should read it if you don't. Every week he offers a new challenge. This week it was perfect. It was about the power of friends. I am grateful for awesome friends and family who are trying to make their lives healthier even when it is hard.

Today felt harder than usual. Because I was starving the entire day while I sat in a dumb hospital waiting room. The only option was free Lorna Doone's in a basket or a junk in the vending machine. I did bring a baggie of veggies with some hummus. But I thought we would be done before 7:30 pm. Wrong.

Kenyon had a 30 minute little procedure to stitch up an open wound on his knee. Simple really. But no...we checked in at 12:30 and left at 7:30. All I wanted was some M&Ms to get me through that.

Then I came home and just made a gazillion whoopie pies for this little darlin's birthday. And that was tempting. Someone please come eat them tomorrow night. I can't be left with all of them.

Today I am thankful for awesome friends who take care of my kids for way more hours then they wanted to and all the kind offers of meals and help and prayers. Thanks.


Kristine said...

Happy Birthday to Q! love that girl.

happy no sugar day 2 to you! you're doing good.

Kate said...

annie, so funny that we started no sugar at the same time. I totally hear you about that halloween candy. I finally put it in the garage so I wouldn't see it.
so awesome that you didn't give in to the vending machine! that's a total win!
keep it up! we can do it!

Angie said...

I love word of wisdom living and I think you are actually the one who informed me about it back in january. it's awesome.

and i will admit i am having a hard time with this no sugar thing. part of the problem is we didn't prepare at all, it was a spontaneous decision, so there are still treats in the house we need to get rid of. maybe we should eat all of it and then start....? Haha.