Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come on...Try it with me!

Sugar-Free November - 1 MONTH!

For all of you who are saying "Good idea but I can't do it (or don't want to)"... Come on. If I am going to try it then you can too. And you get a free pass on Thursday because it is Quinn's Golden Birthday!

Seriously, I know this will be hard. And Gavin is even more addicted but he is willing to try.

We decided to approach it as an experiment. How do we feel? What difference does it make? Can we do something hard (I know that is kind of lame in the scheme of hard things but it is hard for us)?

I have been thinking about this challenge for months now and thanks to Jane, I am forced to commit. So now I am challenging you. You can make your own rules but make them good. I say at minimum: no candy, cookies, desserts, pop, treats. You decide. Things loaded with sugar. I am not studying every label. You can have one free serving of a treat once a week. So probably not 3 brownies on Sunday night - just one.

Join me? 1 Month (Thanksgiving Weekend is off. Just go for it.)

Couple links Jane sent me to help motivate. Here and here


Alissa said...

How long are you doing it for? (I ask, as I eat Reces Pieces...)

Erin S. said...

You're on. I've been thinking about this for a while. Thanks for the nudge.

katie m said...

Really? No baking?

I dunno.

It sounds really really hard for me. I'm assuming you started today? Which means I already broke the rules. six times. eiiii...

BUT. I will try it till Sunday and if that works, I will try it again for another week.

It's a great idea. I must say.

I'll give my report in a week.