Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ten Years Old

Teague Upon Thames - one lucky kid who got to live in London for 6 months of his life.
How does it happen that your oldest child turns 10? 
I know that is what everyone thinks as their babies grow up but it is still pretty crazy.
Teague LOVES his birthday. He has been thinking about this day and counting down for months.
Teague in his Tiger look for a Jungle themed birthday party.
His favorite look for a couple of years - yellow boots. Didn't matter the season or temperature - he wore yellow rubber boots.
With his cousin Jackson at the Women's NCAA volleyball tournament in Long Beach to watch Aunt Egan play.With his cousin Max - he claims that going to Fiji with Max was the best thing in his life. He would travel the world if we could. 

We love our Teague.
1 - His smile - especially when his dimple shows.
2 - His interest in everything. He asks a ton of questions (which sometimes bugs) but he likes to know all the answers.
3 - He is super smart (I know I am his mother - but it is true - and scary. He definitely takes after his Dad. He  hears it once and knows it.)
4 - Very musically gifted - has a great ear and perfect pitch. He is a great pianist.
5 - He wants to try everything - karate, soccer, skateboarding, snowboarding, guitar, swimming, chess club, acting - you name it).
6 - He is tender-hearted and sensitive to how others feel.
7 - A good friend.
8 - Loves Quinn (Elise? well maybe not so much right now but it will come)
9 - Always tries to do the right thing.
10 - He gives me good hugs at the perfect times.

PS - How do we celebrate 10 years? Well he could have had a friend party but he opted for the $$. Sorry friends. But what he really wanted was an IPOD touch so he has been saving his money and collecting his birthday money and last night he made the big purchase. And today he is taking his first ski lesson. Should be a good day.


Jane said...

I love Teague!!! Yay for double-digits! it is amazing looking back on those pictures. I'm so lucky he is in my life. What a handsome, smart, amazing boy.

The Loves said...

Happy Birthday to Teague! We love him! My boys are so lucky to have such a great friend and example!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Teague! I am so glad that I get to teach him piano. It is fun to see him progress. What a great kid you have!

Holly C M said...

Wait until your oldest child turns 35!
Teague is a delight.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Happy Happy Birthday Teague! Great news that he got the ipod touch! Did he love skiing? Great way to celebrate a birthday. Cute kid with really cute dimples!!!

Janna said...

WOW! I can't believe that he is 10 either!!
Happy Birthday Teague!
I want to see your ipod touch.

hOLLIANN said...

That picture with the goggles and yellow boots...LOVE IT...Did I say LOVE!?

Dayna said...

happy (a little late) birthday teague!!! march is a great month to celebrate a birthday. you are a great kid. i can't believe how old you are getting! we love you!

dayna- steve- jayne

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