Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Dinner

I really need a lesson on taking pictures of food. But we kicked off the morning with Pink Puffy Pancakes (aka - German Pancakes). We pretty much have puffy pancakes every Sunday morning. It is a favorite. But the pink tint to them was kind of interesting. 

Dinner was better.

Valentine's Dinner Menu
Strawberry lemonade
Creamy Raspberry Jello hearts (made with jello and pudding) - no surprise but it was Quinn's favorite
Pink Mashed Potatoes (looked like really yummy frosting)
Homemade bread with raspberry jam
Pioneer Woman Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Dessert: It was going to be chocolate fondue but I decided to save that for FHE tomorrow. Our friends dropped off some yummy chocolate dipped strawberries and we have plenty of candy so that was perfect for dessert.
And we delivered Valentine's to each person's plate and read them out loud. 

Bummer part of the night - Kenyon wasn't hungry because his knee hurts so bad. And he hobbled off to bed with his crutches at 6pm. He hasn't come back out or I would take a picture. His knee is humongous. Really it is and he is miserable. Good times.


Holly C M said...

So GVHD in the knee?

Amy Morley said...

What? Please NO! Can that happen?

Angie said...

You're amazing! When i fix dinner I can only handle making like two dishes. Your menu sounds like it was awesome! Hope Ken's knee gets better.

Jane said...

whoa cute mom. that is the perfect valentine's day meal(s). I love jello jigglers. Your table setting is adorable too.
I wish puffy pancakes were more filling. I'm never satisfied after eating those for breakfast. But they are darn tasty.