Monday, February 15, 2010

Kenyon Update

I don't know if this picture does it justice. But if you have seen him hobbling around - you know. It is painful and large. Today is actually a little less swollen.

I called Huntsman Clinic first thing this morning and they had me bring him right in. Just how we wanted to spend the holiday. 4 hours at Huntsman. There was only one doctor covering all the patients at Huntsman. Nice.

His opinion is that it is probably a  little GVHD flare-up. That happens as you taper the steroids. Solution - increase the steroid dose. Not by too much right now but we'll see.

It is also common as you come off the steroids that you have inflammation problems. When you are on steroids it is suppressing inflammation and when you taper down the immune system can kick into gear.

I think that is all I know.


jenniferbourne said...

Kenyon Yikes! I'm so sorry to see you suffering, still. I feel guilty for complaining about heartburn or baby kicks waking me up. . . you're a champ. Hang in there!
PS Annie: Valentine's Day superstar winner award. Love the dinner menu. Yum!

Amy Morley said...

Seriously. I'm so sorry.

Holly C M said...

So that explains his falling from the top 3 tennis players at Green Valley this last Christmas.

On a more genuine note, Dad and I feel for you and Kenyon in this ordeal and assure you both you are in our prayers for every thing.

Lindsey said...

Not fun. That knee looks so painful. I know you can't wait for this whole ordeal to be over with.

Shanna said...

That stinks. On or off the meds your knees are killing you. I'm sorry.