Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My friend Heidi is AMAZING! For lots of reasons. But her photography is wonderful. Check her out here at Heidilynnphotography. Go look at the rest of our family photos. They turned out wonderful.

Don't you just want to eat her up? I do.
A few things we love about Quinn:
  • She still growls. She has been doing that for a long time.
  • She loves to wave and say "hi." Especially to Kenyon.
  • She loves her Dad and says "daddy."
  • She loves to throws her food. And she tries to be sneaky about it. Well, we don't love it but at moments it makes us laugh.
  • She says "uh-oh."
  • She can climb the stairs - up and down. Finally.
  • She can stand on her own. So close to taking a step.
  • Totally comforted by her binky and blanket.
  • LOVES candy and ice cream.


Jane said...

Heidi did amazing!!!!! These pictures are SO AMAZING! I love them all! The outfits were perfect choices. Well done Annie and Heidi. Cute bunch. And I'll take Quinn please.

Heidi said...

Such cute pictures!

em said...

yum indeed!
nice job on the colors.
Heidi, it's hard to make this family look bad. :)

Dayna said...

Stop it. She is too freaking cute. I love her outfit. She is a doll!!!!!!! Jayne has the same silver slippers. They are so cute.

Can't wait to check out the rest of the photos right now. I bet they look amazing. She is an awesome photographer.

Dayna said...

Yup, they are amazing. I absolutely love them!!! You have such a gorgeous fam! I loved all the ensembles and all the photos. I especially love the ones of all the kiddos sitting on the ground. so cute.

jenniferbourne said...

Awesome! They look so good. Everyone just looking at the camera is always nice but you're smiling and gorgeous, bonus! PS Quinn steals the shot, Saylor was looking at them with me oohing and aahing over Quinn.

Angie said...

I loved all your family pictures! She seriously did such a great job capturing your family. And what a good lookin bunch you are. I love the sort of candid shots she got. So great!

Juliann said...

Oh, I love it. What a sweetheart.

Kristine said...

love love love. head to toe gorgeous. all of you!

i hope you blow them up big and frame them!