Monday, November 23, 2009

Dang it!

It's true. He is back in the hospital. Seriously not cool. But the truth is they are better equipped to get him better than we are at home. So I hope it happens quickly and he comes home soon.

He has been sick for a week now. We were pretty afraid the GVHD was back. That would not be so good. But, the tests seem to indicated that it is NOT GVHD. It seems like he may have caught a cold (probably from Quinn - his best friend). Because his immune-system is so weak or non-existent it has been hard for him to fight it. The result is that he has been miserable and is now dehydrated.

Thanks for all the love and concern. I really wish that 2010 does not bring any more posts about Kenyon being sick. Please.

Oh - and please get rid of all the germs out there or at least keep them away from my kids. Yuck! If this is what a dumb little snotty cold does than I am SCARED.


Juliann said...

I can't believe it. Sorry guys.

lyns said...

We love you guys!

McKinlay Family said...

I LOVE YOU!!! "Seriously?" "Dang it!"

Alissa said...

No! I so sorry. Guess we'll have to postpone our get together. (but who am I kidding--we both know that December probably wouldn't have worked anyway. January. January it is. )

Lindsey said...

I'm glad it's not GVHD. I've been thinking of you guys ever since cold and flu season started. I worry about Cannon catching something nasty-I can't imagine what it is like for you. I hope he gets over it soon and gets back to his slow recovery and tapering of the steroids.