Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday I had a several bad moments of being very ungrateful. It's embarrassing really. I knew it at the time too but it just seems like some things are too much sometimes. Right? But watch this. Please. Don't be afraid by the "Mormon Message" title if you are not Mormon. It's only 4+ minutes. This is about being grateful even in adversity. So perfect for the coming week and the whole feeling of the season.
Isn't this video cool? I love the music and the fun people they picked. Don't you feel bad for that kid with the skateboard. I wanted to give him a ticket home to his bed. And I love that guy who is thankful for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would like to be walking on the streets of NYC. Perfect place to watch people. I know my niece (in-law) Angie can't wait to come home from NYC but I would trade her in a heartbeat. But - see - that is kind of ungrateful. I should be happy where I am. Working on that. But really if Kenyon wanted to take a job in NYC - I would go.

Totally Random - but speaking of jobs made me think of it. One of my FAVORITE podcasts is "This American Life" on NPR. You can subscribe to it for free on iTunes. I think this particular episode called "Rest Stop" was one of my favorites and I thought - what a fun job. Someone I know should go work for Ira Glass (maybe Jane) so that you can tell me all about it.

Oh - and a few things I am grateful for -
1 - M&Ms - plain or mint, please.
2 - Diet Pompegranate 7up (holiday edition - try it today!) Thanks Amy!
3 - Going to Twilight - New Moon tonight!!
4 - nap times - for the baby
5 - Cool things to watch and listen to on my ipod or youtube.
6 - Reading the Book of Mormon with my kids each morning
7 - Good friends


Hoffmann Family said...

LOVE IT! What a great post!

Kristine said...

there is so much to be grateful for. that is why i love this time of year.

i loved this video too. gave me goosebumps!

i'm grateful for you! such a wonderful older sis. and grateful that we live so close to eachother!

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing this video! You are right, we should all remember to be grateful more often. And now I'm worried that I haven't expressed enough how grateful I am for our situation. I hope everyone doesn't think I'm totally ungrateful and hate New York! I should express my gratitude more often. Thanks for your example!

Malea said...

aww, this vid just makes me want to give new york and big ol' hug. totally rad clip, annie.

Janna said...

It's been awhile since I have looked at everyones blogs. Thanks for posting this video. It makes me step back and look at my life.
And I am thankful for great friends, like you!