Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MS Charity Boutique

If you have a minute on Saturday - please come. Sunni is one of my good friends. We lived by each other in Draper and have had our kids together (except the last). I love Sunni. She is one of those good friends who has always gone above and beyond to help me. And she is so good to my kids. They LOVE going to Sunni's house. She always has something fun to do with them. She always amazes me.

Sunni was diagnosed with MS about a year and a half ago (sorry Sunni - I can't remember exactly when). It is a dumb disease. It takes such a toll on your body, but she is managing quite well. There are some great treatment options out there that help but they don't cure it. Sunni is preparing to ride in the MS100 ride and is raising money to support MS research.

This boutique will be great! Come support MS research and do some fun shopping!

**UPDATE: Jane and Kristine (my sisters), my cousin, my sister-in-law, and probably yours truly will have some items for sale as well.


KM said...

{comment to your last post}

Rhubarb has been on my mind all month! Thanks for sharing a recipe- I'll add it to the few I've been itching to try. Can't wait for treats!!!

Does it grow well in Utah, PS?

Kristine said...

i'll be there! selling my stuff. it's gonna be fun.

Julie said...

Yay! I'll be there! ....not selling anything, but probably buying lots! :)

Janna said...

You are a great friend for helping her out with this.