Monday, May 4, 2009

Tulip Festival

It's over now, but you should still go. The Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point is one of my most favorite things to do in April. After living in London and I owning a pass to Kew Gardens, I have loved going to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. When I lived in Draper (and life was simpler), I owned a pass there, too. But even without a pass, I make a couple trips a year (thanks Aimee).

This trip was particularly good. The flowers were AMAZING. And the company was great - we were minus a few kids and it was so pleasant. AND they were selling super yummy fresh kettle corn.
Could it get any better?


Angie said...

Quinn looks so cute! And beautiful photos of the tulips! The Tulip Festival holds a special place in my heart since our reception took place right in the middle of it.

Kristine said...

i wish i could have made it down to the tulip festival! looks so pretty!

and Quinn! sitting up! what a big girl. i miss her. and can't wait to kiss that face.

Christina said...

Whoops. I totally missed it. I LOVE fresh kettle corn. I think it is the reason I even go to the zoo.