Monday, June 1, 2009


Two of my sisters have already posted about this here and here. But if you don't read their blogs (by the way - you should), you might have missed hearing about this awesome group of kids who sing the coolest songs.

Seriously? I want to move my kids to NY and get them in this class. Unfortunately, I don't think they would let Elise in. She can't hit one right note. It is so sad, because she love singing so much.

You can watch all their songs on You Tube but here is my favorite. I love everyone of those kids. They are killing me! I think I have watched it 10 times now.


Janna said...

I will move with you!! Maybe we could sneak Elisa and Parker in, he has the same problem (or maybe his voice is just changing...already). They are amazing and so confident!

Jen Love said...

Let Elise sit by me. I can't either, but I love to sing. One day when the boys are all in school, i want to take singing lesson. I don't think that I am teachable, by I sure want to try.