Friday, August 22, 2008

Needles and Donation

Today was the first acupuncture appointment. So cool to me. I would love to try it. Kenyon said he didn't even feel it. They put in four small needles (one in each wrist and one in each leg) and they had him rest for about 20 minutes and then they pulled them out and it was over. We have scheduled a couple more and we'll see if it does anything. Next time they will put in more needles. They are trying to treat nausea and fatigue. I think he did pretty well today but hard to say if that was exactly why.

Also, you may remember I posted earlier this summer about Adrian Sudbury, a young British guy with leukemia. He passed away this week. It makes me so sad. He was so young and had every bad thing happen to him possibly could. Obviously I don't know him but I have followed his blog and efforts to spread the word about bone marrow donation. He was so impressive to me as he lived at the last few months of his life. His goal was to pass legislation in England that would require students to learn about getting on the bone marrow registry. He made such great strides. It is fairly easy to become a bone marrow donor and not too bad a procedure to go through if you are a match. We have talked to many people who have not had a related donor and been blessed to find a match on the national registry. It saved their life. And I have said this before - but if you are having a baby you can also donate the umbilical cord. An easy way to save another life that would otherwise be thrown away.

I know I need to update my picture at the top of my blog. I am working on that....hopefully it will look better soon.


Christina said...

That accupuncture things seems neat. I want to try it out one day. I guess something wouldn't be around for so many years if it didn't work. I am interested to see how it works.

Burts said...

I also followed Baldys blog and was so sad to hear he had passed away but at the same time felt some relief for him. I am sorry that Kenyon has been so sick but I on the other hand am so happy that he seems to be doing ok other than that, I will keep my fingers crossed that the acupuncture works. Cooper is excited to play with Gavin this week, I hope you will still let him come and play:)

Becky said...

Nate had a guest lecturer in school about acupuncture, it is sapposed to be amazing, but somehow when you have fellow students practicing on you, it isn't so amazing. I hope it helps and relieves some of his pain and nausea, I should've tried that when I was pregnant.

Felipe and Erika said...

Annie, I found your link on Heidi's blog! She is a good friend and across the street neighbor of my good friend Tara. I occassionally check her blog because she is so talented:)and to get updates on her little boy Jake.

I am glad to have found your blog. You and Kenyon are definitely in our prayers. I hope things continue to improve like they are. Congratulations on you baby girl!

Sunni said...

So how did the acupunture thing work? And can I say that your new pic leaves me "wishin'" for another trip to NYC? Belly or no belly, you still have a little time, I think we should risk a trip?!!