Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day +50 and Stuff

Well, I think I am overdue for a Kenyon update. We are just past day +50. I don't really know what that means. Day +100 is the magical number that doctors aim for. The first 100 days are when we would see acute GVHD (graft vs. host disease). That is when the body and the new blood are kind of fighting each other and it manifests itself in a few different ways. So far no GVHD. That is good. His blood counts continue to make progress or stay the same (which is fine). We go into the clinic every week for check up and blood work and overall the doctors seem pleased. There are no major concerns - other than the constant nausea that Kenyon deals with. They are trying to figure out a solution - adjusting meds, etc. I am afraid it might plague him for as long as he is on GenGraf - the immuno-suppressent drug. However, I did schedule an acupuncture appointment for him. You never know - that might really work for him.

The Olympics have kept him (and the rest of the family) entertained. In fact, we are staying up WAY too late. But, really you can't go to bed and not know the results. Unfortunately, the kids are not sleeping in so then I am always sorry that I did it. Weren't you so frustrated that Nastia got the silver last night. Lame.

Elise is convinced that if she sets her mind to it she can be an Olympic gymnast. I have carefully tried to tell her that there isn't a chance on this planet that she will ever be one without dashing her positive thinking. She is going to be at least 6'0 so let's be realistic. We are trying to push her in the direction of volleyball, soccer, high jump - track and field, tennis, etc. Just about any sport benefits from some height - except gymnastics.

Teague wants to be the world's fastest sprinter. That is a great goal but somehow I once again don't think there is a chance. But, worth a try. I just wish he would be that practice to work whenever I ask him to do anything. Somehow every time we are in a hurry or I need help, he just can't possibly move because he is SO TIRED.

Baby names seem to be the other topic around here. My family has been very helpful in supplying as many options as I could ever want. They even had a little vote, but the official judges have not made any commitment to any name. My good neighbor suggests that the baby must be named after a beer - he is voting for Amber Ale Porter. That would go over well on blessing day. :) We continue to wait - hoping something will really stick.


Angie said...

Your posts make me laugh. I think you are so clever! Thanks for the update on Ken and your cute fam. Glad to hear things are going well.

Janna said...

So glad to hear that numbers are either staying or going up. We want to come visit, but don't think about it until we are just walking by or driving by and don't dare stop unannounced.
Your kids will be great in anything that they decide to do!!

The Snow's said...

Good luck on the naming thing. That seems to be everyones favorite question to ask me and I always have to just tell them that we don't know and probably won't know for sure until we are in the hospital. Anyway, good luck with that. Glad to hear that everything else seems to be going well.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the update on Kenyon- I check all the time hoping for the status. We are all pulling (and praying) for him and the best results possible. The beer names are not as far off as you might think. A. Bud Fizer is a relative of mine. I wish I was kidding.

Juliann said...

Well, 50 days is quite a feat in itself. You all deserve medals for this challenge!

And I used to dream of being an Olympic Gymnast too. . . my mom started enrolling me in art classes so there was no time for gymnastics. It was subtle but effective. I don't think the height issue would be a problem with the trampoline gymnastics, though! Go, Elise, Go!

Christina said...

Both my kids have the too tired syndrome when we have to get something done.