Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did You Love It?

How could you not? The opening ceremonies (although lengthy) were incredible. Favorite moments - the 2008 drummers. That was the coolest thing. I loved the countdown. I was totally impressed by those concentric circles they made with 2008 Chinese. How did they stand in the right place and then move around and still look so synchronized? And the huge globe with the dancers running sideways around it? I loved the lighting of the torch. The whole thing was pretty amazing. It would have been fun to be there - except I don't really love the idea of being in a crowd of 90,000 people. Stress me out.

Hooray for the Olympics. I am a huge fan and now we have endless good TV to keep us entertained. Too bad we didn't have this while we were in the hospital. That would have helped.

The kids are home and I love it. They are so funny. Teague has talked my ear off and has all kinds of good stories and details to share.

I think Kenyon has been making some good progress. We have made it out on a walk every night. We are so slow going (mostly my fault) but we make it and it is good for both of us.


McKinlay Family said...

You are amazing! I think of you often. I am so glad your children are home. It makes everything seem okay sometimes.

Julianne said...

Those ceremonies WERE amazing! I love the Olympics, too; such talented athletes with equally fascinating stories and backgrounds. AND not that I don't have plenty of others, but it's the perfect excuse to sit around and watch TV.

Tracy said...

We loved the opening ceremonies! I love your blog too. Glad the kids are home. Can't wait for mine to go to school :) John says hi to Kenyon. We plan on watching hours of Olympics!

Courtney said...

Congrats on the walking- for both of you. I am ashamed to admit that I didn't watch the opening ceremonies- I have heard so much about them that I keep looking for a replay on TV. If you see one coming- let me know- I want to set the DVR.

Christina said...

I thought the opening ceremonies were neat, too but then kind of got creeped out in parts. How do you get so many people to do the exact same thing? Kind of negative, I know. I am amazed at the talent of the athletes, though. I am glad your family is doing well.