Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm It (It is a little long so skip it if you want)

I have been Tagged so many times and I was tagged again a week or so ago so I think I better do it - once and for all.

10 Years Ago
-I was a newlywed and I had just finished my 2nd semester in the masters program at the University of Utah in Teacher Ed. I actually had my best grades ever - especially considering the fact that I got married in the middle of that semester. Maybe not the smartest move -but it didn't seem to hurt my grades. Whew
-We lived in Draper, UT in our first house.
-The picture is of me golfing with Kenyon and some family at the golf course by the airport. I used to like to golf. I hope to get back into someday - but not now.

Things on my to do list Monday -
- Work on my lesson for Sunday
-Teach my cousin how to make a bag
-Make dinner for a new mom
-Get to the barbell class on time
-Survive with Kenyon out of town for two days - actually - more than survive - be productive

What would I do if I suddenly had a billion dollars -
-Obviously save a chunk of it for medical bills, college, missions, retirement, etc.
-Move and pay off the house we buy. -Actually before we buy a new house we will move to Italy for a year and just live and experience life. Live in a little villa. Maybe take in another year of London.
-Travel More - Greece (for Teague and me), Africa (Ghana, South Africa, Madagascar), Thailand (Kenyon would love to go back), Fiji, France, Prague, Jerusalem (again), I think I will stop there because all this dreaming isn't very helpful.
-Then the really fun part would be coming up with some creative ways to give. I have enjoyed catching bits and pieces of Oprah's Big Give and I love the idea. I liked the challenge of trying to give big in your own community. Finding creative ways to meet the needs of those around you. I have some good examples of people in my life who are so good at giving and it looks like so much fun.
-Of course, I would like a little wardrobe makeover. Nothing much just a little help (or you might think - a lot of help).
-The list goes on but a billion bucks ain't comin' so I will stop.

3 of my bad habits - Do I have to tell?
1 - I think I waste too much time avoiding the things I really need to do.
2 - I am not a good flosser. I hate it. I try but I stink at consistency.
3 - I am not patient (that is no news flash).

Places I have lived:
Salt Lake City (born here)
Seattle, WA (raised here)
Provo, UT (college)
Bountiful, UT (twice - college and building a house)
Jerusalem, Israel (BYU study abroad)
Moscow, Russia (taught English for ILP)
London, England (lived there with Kenyon - work assignment)
Draper, UT (first house)
South Jordan, UT (second house -and hopefully not our last one - even though I really love my neighbors)

Jobs I have had:
Lots of babysitting
Picking raspberries for a summer
Movie theater concessions
Montessori preschool - teacher assistant
BYU Chemistry Dept. secretary - best job ever!!
University of Utah teacher assistant and adjunct professor (I think that is what they called me - kind of silly - I co taught a class for a year)
Jr High Teacher - kind of
Assistant to the director of education and training at TenFold
Teacher at Sylvan Learning Center

5 Things (most)People don't know about me:
1 - I was in the high school marching band - played the clarinet and I was actually halfway decent but could not play a note if I had to now. It makes my mouth hurt just thinking about it. I had a dream that one day I would play in Harry Connick Jr's band. That would have been the best ever - but clearly I was not that good.
2 - I don't like pickles, tuna, milk, soggy food, avocados, olives, mushrooms, un-melted cheese, butter on my toast, and bananas. Probably, I am considered picky, but I don't think I am too bad. I make a variety of foods.
3 - I love clean and organized living spaces but I don't do it well. I don't know why I can't keep it up. It drives me crazy but it is never quite how I want it around here.
4 - I have seen Wild Hearts Can't be Broken, White Fang, Top Gun, Man From Snowy River - saw so many times I couldn't even count. (thanks mostly to Jul, Julianne, Julie, Becky and Annalise)
5 - The first boy I intentionally kissed was Kenyon - we aren't counting the guy my friends talked into kissing me on my 21st birthday. Sickness!

So that's all folks. Enough about me - I am tagging you. Courtney, Christina, Becky


Holly C M said...

Wow, I learned so much. How do I tag all my children?

Liz said...

I love how you and Kenyon haven't changed one single iota from ten years ago! How do you do it? Is it all that Barbell Strength? I guess I'd better get my lazy bones there once in a while!

Holliann said...

So fun to learn so much information, it was a little unfortunate that there wasn't any blackmail information:) Maybe next time! Or maybe you will just have to take a page out of my stupid things I do book!

The Snow's said...

I'm glad that you look in at my blog because I love to peek at yours too.

Juliann said...

Oh, man. . . First of all, sorry about that guy we made you kiss on your birthday, it really doesn't count 'cause you were blind-folded and all (what a horrible thing to do!) But I did have a really good laugh just now when I read that. . . and the part about the movies we watched over and over and over again. Hilarious. I still have those movies memorized. And I'm surprised you didn't way that raspberry picking was the most rewarding and fulfilling job of all. Tee hee!

Courtney said...

I loved reading all of it- no skipping, really. I might just have to cut and paste the dreams of what to do with a billion into my blog. Another day.

ChrisandKate said...

MS Annie. That was fun to read. I had forgotten that you lived in Moscow, London, AND Jeruselum! How cool, but strangely, I do remember when you were there, now that I sit and think about it. Anywhoo, here are three Ra Ra Ra's for a great post!

Allman Roca said...

Annie, you are such an amazing person. Look at everything that you have accomplished in the last ten years. It seems to go by in a flash.
And you and Kenyon still look like eighteen year olds!