Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Check this out!

So who doesn't hate going to the doctor - I have a doctor post coming but I just read this post on this funny blog. You have to read it. It is worth your time. The post is called "Paper Underpants" at The Meanest Mom blog. Hopefully you can't completely relate but who hasn't hated what paper covering they give you?


Courtney said...

I laughed so hard- and kept laughing as I read older posts. How did you find her blog? Is she a friend? She is seriously funny... and accurate. I feel like I was there. Ahhh.. to be a talented writer.

Janna said...

That is too funny...I wish I would have documented all of my kids funny memories from when they were as young as that bloggers. You better be writing down all of the funny things that G says, because I know he says some funny things to Brandon!! And I have experienced the paper underwear, although it was in a very different atmosphere and situation (a spa treatment in Cancun).

Christina said...

I love it when I am reading in the middle of the night by myself and laugh out laud! Thanks, Annie.