Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Lazy Can I Be?

What is wrong with me? I can't even think of anything to blog about. I have spent entirely too much time reading all your blogs. That is fun. But, I have been very unproductive. Hmmm. That isn't true. I have done really boring things like clean my pantry, clean my fridge, laundry, carpools, and a lot of episodes of Lost (we are currently working our way through Season 3). Today I took a spinning classes and a barbell strength class. My legs are killing me. I am dying to work on a project - I have a new bag pattern that I want to try and a two new quilt patterns. But that will be in a week. My sister is coming up from Cali and my mom is coming in from Seattle. I can't wait. It will be fun to have some family around. The kids can't wait to have their cousins right here in our house.

I do have a question - I have to teach an Enrichment lesson next week about Family Home Evening. Help? How do you do that? Do you have any good ideas? Successful family home evenings? Tips that make it work for you and yours? What motivates you? I will take anything. Or a creative way to present it? I want it to be fun - not boring like my Sunday lessons.

There you have it folks...I promise to be better.


Liz said...

You've just got to stop working so hard! Spinning & Barbell Strength??? You're nuts, girl!

As for the RS Lesson, I'm just glad it's not me up there teaching so whatever comes out of your mouth I will admire...

Holliann said...

First of all - congratulations on being the queen of the world - Annie and boring in the same sentence - NEVER!!!

and for relief society - FHE - The most spiritual fight ever - one that begins and ends with a prayer :)

I make my kids do it. They love to tell stories. We often get them about the 2000 "stripping" warriors, but no matter. We also invite friends over to keep us in the habit when we are bored of the usual. Try single sisters, or couples without kids.

BTW - I think you are the best! I am sure your lessons are super!

Janna said...

You are not boring!
Please don't make the RS thing a big deal. Keep it simple!! My suggestion would be to use the internet and ALL of the help there is on the internet. It was placed here on the earth to use for good. We need to use it more, for good. I am not saying spend all day monday surfing to find a topic for Monday night FHE, just ask for guidance on what your family may need that week and pick a lesson quick.
I also love FHE charts so that everyone in the family has an assignment, so that it doesn't all fall on the "mom" or "dad". The kids will be more excited and willing to help when they know they have something to do too. Pretty soon they will be the ones reminding us to have FHE.
Hope this helps....and whatever you do will be wonderful, it always is!!

Janna said...

Preach My Gospel is an awesome reference guide too.