Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday Boy!

So today my first child turns 8! I am freaking out. I am not really ready for that. He is so excited. This is such a typical picture of him - always ducking out, trying to hide, or doing something silly. He has the cutest smile with the best dimple. I wish he would let me take his picture more often.

Yesterday he told me that he knows what he wants to be when he grows up. "Mom, I want to be a McDonalds Man when I grow up?" Oh really! Why? "They make $28 an hour!!" So there you have it...Teague the McDonalds Man. I think he has been inspired by his friends dad who is a McDonalds Man.

Today is also his first day of Cub Scouts and he couldn't be happier. Last night I sat down with him to study is Wolf Handbook (I don't know a single thing about scouting). He is ready to go - if he had his way we would have stayed up all night passing off as many things as possible. I let him get as far as memorizing the Cub Scout Promise. Go scouting!

To top the birthday celebration off, he is having a magic party and guess which crazy mom just made ELEVEN black and red capes? Yep, Me the crazy one. Who does that? Why couldn't we just go to classic skate and call it good?

I will post some pictures after the big event.

Anyway - Happy Birthday to My First Boy! I love him. He is funny, super smart, talented and very thoughtful.


Kristine said...

oh how i love Teague! he is growing up sooo fast. 8! He is so cute and smart and clever. And not to mention he has the best eyelashes ever! haha

Holly C M said...

Teague, wonderful, elfish, intelligent, curious, loving etc. Teague. Love that boy. And I love his mom ANNIE. Annie is remarkable, capable, generous, thoughtful, selfless, and fun too.

Allman Roca said...

Oh, that Mc Donalds comment was so, so funny!! I asked Burke where he got the dollar amount. He told me, "it sounded good." That made me laugh even harder. So hopefully we are livin' off of a little more than $28 an hour. Love that Teague!!