Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bag Tag

So here it is - I have been tagged - not once but several times. I think Hilary, Cheryl and now Jul. I better do something about it. They are all different so I might tackle each one but for now I will do the shortest one. Bag Tag.

First, let me say. I want a new bag and also that I am not proud of what my bag looks like inside so I am not showing you (but you should if I tag you).

I have had two incredible trips to NYC. Both times I have bought a bag and both times I wish I had bought the bag that the other person got. Juliann got this great slouchy white purse and my sister Jen got this white tall bag with excellent hardware. My choices were ok but next time (when is the next time I will be in NYC?), I am going to have someone else pick the bag they like and then I am getting it. (maybe I should buy white and not green?)

I would really love to have the money to buy a bag from Tano. They have some great bags.

I also really like to make bags. This bibi bag for sale on TinyMcSmall is so cool. I need to figure out how to make it. I am loving it. (I learned about this from my friend Juliann's friend April).

But so back to the Bag Tag ---So my bag is green and I am bored with it. But more than that I hate the inside. There are no dividers and so it is forever a mess. Receipts everywhere that I should actually do something with, gum wrappers that my kids stuff in there, water bottles, note paper, scraps of scrapbook paper, Bath and Body Works Vanilla lotion, hand sanitizer, my phone, redbox coupons, fabric store coupons, grocery lists, some extra sudoku pages, random pens, and my wallet. I want to be better - really I do. So there you have it. My bag....Anyone want to go to NY and get a new bag with me?

OH - and I tag Jane, Kristine, and Heidi (her bag will be very organized)


Juliann said...

Wahoo! Good job, I meant to tell you not to feel obligated to do the tag, I don't love them either, but I'm glad you did! Maybe we should go with Egan to NY this may. . . or just send her with some money to pick up some new bags for us!

Hilary and Dave said...

I love that green bag! Green is better than white when it comes to bags. But I agree, ya gotta have some dividers!!

April said...
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April said...

I'm so glad someone else loves that Bibi Bag besides me! It would be way easy to make - it looks a lot like the Amy Butler Frenchy Bag! Cute blog!

lindsey said...

i love that bibi bag. so cute.