Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Can't Be Happening

Can my firstborn really turn 12? I am really not ready for this. But it has happened. He is thrilled. And I am proud of him. He is a great kid. I have loved looking through pictures of him over the past 12 years. Sadly we didn't have a digital camera from the beginning so the pictures of the little squish are limited. He was a chunkly little baby when we lived in London. I got a lot of attention caring or pushing him around England. I think it took a lot of self-control for complete strangers to not squish his cheeks. One lady on the train to Edinburgh said, "Ah is this a wee lad or a wee lassy?" "Ah a wee laddy."

This is a big year. We have been studying and preparing for him to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. It is a big deal and it requires a testimony of Jesus Christ and a worthiness to serve the Lord. He faithfully reads his scriptures every day and he really tries hard to always choose the right. I am kind of dying that he starts going to Young Men's and Jr. High. Yikes.
Things we LOVE about W. Teague Porter
1. Happy - Don't you love his dimple?
2. He loves his cousins (and the rest of the family but if he could pick - I think the cousins would win every time)
3. Elise said she loves that he is so competitive - it makes him good at what he does.
4. He loves my cooking. He is pretty excited about most things I make. Today I made him breakfast casserole. May have been his favorite part of the day.
5. He loves his friends and his a good friend - loyal and patient. He gets so excited for his friends and things they are doing.
6. Great student. He could work on his penmanship but he definitely got Kenyon's brain. He can remember everything.
7. He is great at the piano. He doesn't always love it but he has a natural ability and I love it when he plays. Especially because he doesn't need my help anymore. Hallelujah!
8. Teague is turning into quite the little babysitter. I am so grateful that I can trust him. He is especially good with Quinn.
9. He loves to read. He is reading so many books, so fast that we can't keep up with him. Such a great habit.
10. He is sensitive. Sometimes too much :) but really it is sweet to see him be so thoughtful and concerned about those around him.
11. He is a good athlete. I am so excited that he is figuring out his talents. He is really love the 3 tri sports and it is so fun to watch.
12. We love that he is our oldest. He is setting such a good example for the family to follow.


Holly C M said...

A very fine son indeed!

em said...

I love you Teague! You are one fun boy to be around! Have a Happy Birthday!

Kristine said...

I love that boy. Can't believe he is 12 either. Wowza. I love looking at the pictures and reading this list. What a steller kid. Excited to see you guys soon!

Jen said...

Such a kind kid. I love how he's always been so good to all of our kids. Come visit us anytime Teague! Such an exciting birthday. Can't wait to see you in a week!

The Loves said...

We love Teague around our house. I hope that he and Max never out grow each other. I am grateful for the great and shining example he is to Max and my other boys. Happy Birthday to a great Kid!!