Friday, May 20, 2011

My favorite thing

at the moment.... I might say that it is the Margo cookie from Ruby Snap. Thanks Jul. I am seriously hooked.

But since I am trying to make some serious attempts at healthier eating (like very limited treats, fish, and kale smoothies), I don't get to enjoy the Margo as often as I would really like.

Nap time has always been one of my favorite things. And Quinn is one of my favorite people.

But lately, my MOST favorite thing is - Quinn with her microphone singing her little heart out. She kills us with the things she says and the cute songs she sings. She even takes her microphone to bed with her, which is a bad thing when she doesn't feel tired but so cute when she finally gives in.


Kristine said...

quinn and cookies. 2 of my favorite things. oh and kareoke!

i need video of Q singing her heart out. I feel like i hardly know her cause she's grown up so much in this last year. sad!

Juliann said...

Mmmm. Margo cookies. Ooh, I want some right now. . . good thing they're not open at 11:37 pm.