Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Grief

This story is amazing. And you probably have already heard about it. But watch anyway and be reminded of amazing strength through terrible tragedy and grief.

Wednesday night, Molly and Vic Jackson came and spoke at a Relief Society meeting in Daybreak. I wasn't going to go. It is a hassle to leave at night around here. But SO WORTH IT! What an inspiring and spiritual night.

Molly is an amazingly talented singer (former BYU Ambassador) and clearly a great speaker. It was such a well done presentation where she shared through words and songs the lessons that she has learned - Lucy Lessons. I sat there wishing I had invited everyone to come to this meeting and feel the incredible Spirit there.

Ultimately the message she shared is that we all need each other, we are stronger than we know, and that there is hope smiling brightly before us.

And I should not leave out that Vic Jackson also did a great job. He just took a moment to share one of his Lucy Lessons. He reminded us all of the blessing it is to have a body and to look at with gratitude. He suggested that we be thoughtful about how we take care of it and most importantly how we fill our oil lamps so that we are prepared for these trials - that will certainly come.

The Jacksons have turned their grief into good for others who have lost their children at young ages and are in need of financial assistance for headstones. You can check it out here.
Love's Banner--Memories of the Life of Elaine Cannon

I just finished (finally- I am slow, I know) my mom's book - Love's Banner. I know I keep plugging this book but for good reason.  Elaine Cannon believed in surviving and doing it well. And most importantly, she believed in our Savior's love for each of us. And she was determined to love and serve all the days of her life. It is truly inspirational.


Christina said...

Hi, just crying while I'm eating my lunch...

That is a neat story.

Erin S. said...

Thanks a lot for making me cry--and I even put mascara on today! What a waste :). Seriously--that was just what I needed. Also, I'm about halfway done with your mom's book and I'm enjoying it so much!