Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FHE is about Treats

At least that is what the kids at my house think. We were talking about healthy changes the other day and I suggested giving up dessert on week nights (what was I thinking?). This would actually be hard for me because I really love a treat after dinner. But really? That is a terrible habit. The kids were all down with that (except Gavin) but their first response was, "But not for family night, right?"

So last night I made the best FHE treat we have maybe ever had. Pizookies in little ramekin dishes. We ate them straight out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream instantly melting over the top. So so so yummy. I tried to take a picture but not so great. So here is one I stole. :) Side note - I bought the ramekins in sets of 4 in the dollar spot at Target a while back. Perfect little dessert dishes.

Pizookies (Pizza cookies) are traditionally served in small pie dishes and were made famous at a California restaurant BJs. Apparently they are amazing.

I used a recipe I found online. Look here. I made half a recipe and it filled 8 ramekins (don't ask what happened to the left overs). But you could make the full recipe and deliver the pizookies to neighbors for their FHE treat. And really I am sure you could use any cookie recipe that you prefer.

We actually did have a very productive and maybe successful FHE last night. That is rare. It is usually a serious struggle. I had each child study the recap of a conference talk in the Church News. They had perfect summaries and quotes from each of the talks. Then they had to tell us what we were being counseled to to and how we could work on that. Teague and Gavin were short and classic. Elise took on the role of teacher and had a LOT to say. We were all bored to tears but she was taking this very seriously. I wish I could have videoed it. She thinks she is our mother. I sure hope she doesn't do that in primary. "Now Teague...could you tell the family how that quote helps us to serve others?" Really. She asks us all questions like that and we have to remember words from the quote she read. Anyone want to come to our FHE? See why the treats are so important? And we played Cuponk which is a Minute to Win It type game. So fun.


Erin S. said...

FHE is about treats, no doubt. Those sound yummy! I admire you for scaling back on the treats. I am thinking about implementing a greatly scaled back tv plan for my family, and it is going to hurt me much much more than it hurts them :).

Angie said...

Oh my gosh - why did I never connect that they came up with the word "pizookie" from combining "pizza" and "cookie"?! Wow. For some reason I always just thought 'Pazookie' was a totally random made up word for this amazing warm cookie dessert and I never gave it a second thought that the name actually had a logical origin. Anyway. I LOVE pizookies! And the idea to put them in ramekins is just so genius! Thanks for sharing.

Also - you are not alone in your dessert habit. For me it is so deeply ingrained in me that it doesn't matter if I just stuffed myself with a giant portion for dinner, I immediately start craving something sweet as soon as I'm done. It's so bad.

Courtney said...

How did I miss those ramekins? I have been looking for some forever- and those would have been in the budget. Sigh. You inspire me. Even one more reason to find ramekins of my own- it would make us have a great FHE, right?

The Harris Family said...

So funny, danny made that Pizookie on sunday night with his yummy choc chip cookie dough. Sinful really... What gave him the idea is we went to this new little dessert spot called "The Chocolate" it's a little old home across the street from the "Fabric Center" on redwood and 90th. Danny's was better but of course I know I'm biased...