Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look Who's Turning TWO!

Two years ago, June 25, 2008, Kenyon got new life. Thanks to his big brother, Brett.

The new blood cells dripped into his chest through the port and a couple hours later he was a new guy. (that is the very, very simplified version of a long story.)

Last year we celebrated the 1st birthday with two fun parties. Life was definitely looking better. I am kind of wishing I had planned parties again because that was so much fun (thanks to some good people who made it happen - you know who you are :))

If you had asked me last year, how we would celebrate year 2 - I would have said that we would be in some great location totally relaxing and that this whole thing would be completely behind us. Not so much. I wish. Oh well. Maybe year 3.

But so my big questions are - is this the start of the Terrible Twos? Yikes. And what do you give a grown up two-year old on his birthday?

PS - We go see the orthopedic guy this next week so hopefully we will have some sort of update on his knees.
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Holly C M said...

Two is a great age. Two year olds love their independence and abilities. Life is joyful.

Go Kenyon! And Annie, Go You!

Kristine said...

Happy #2 Kenyon! hope its not too terrible! and get those knees fixed!!! so you can come visit and run around on the beach. wish i was there to help you celebrate!

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kenyon! I hope you know we are thinking of you today and wish you all the best. Hopefully a fix for your knees is coming quick! What a journey you and your sweet family have been through. You are all such amazing people!

Burts said...

Congrats Kenyon! We also are thinking of you and pray for relief for that knee.

Dayna said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Kenyon!!! Hope this year is better than the last and that birthday wishes come true. I have had a very small taste of knee pain (minuscule really compared to yours) and it was not fun so I can only imagine what that is like for you. I hope you get relief very very soon. Way to go Porter family!! You guys are amazing!

Malea said...

Way to be, Annie! I love your realistic approach to life, and how hard working you are. You are an inspiration to me. HB to THE MAN!