Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Little Candy Overload

We love endless of bowls of candy that we can eat and occassionally stick on a gingerbread house. We wish we had the creative skills of the people who enter their homes in the Festival of Trees. That is impressive. The kids kind of lost interest in decorating this house so it was mostly a combined effort of me and Kenyon but, Gavin contributed the gumballs as the foundation of our home. It is certainly the foundation of his diet. Now they just want to eat it. It is all they can do to wait a few more days. Major temptations and test in self-control.


KCannonM said...

looks yummy. tell gavin nice job on the gumballs. he is so darn funny.

Hilary and Dave said...

Beautiful!! Just found your blog, by the way, and am so so so excited you have one!!!