Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Serious Withdrawls

Help me! I think I must be a serious addict. I have this goal for the week to not have any treats Mon - Thurs. How hard could that be. I totally gave myself 3 free days. I am only on the 2nd day and I am dying. Yesterday was the worst day. Nothing was satisfying and I was grumpy as could be. It doesn't help that I have holiday mint M&Ms in my cupboard just begging me to take one. The problem is that if I do take one a) I won't stop and b) I will owe $5 for not completing my goal. I think that M&M might just be worth $5 but are the pounds? If only I had a little self-control we would not even need to have this goal.

1 comment:

KCannonM said...

ha. that stinks. but you can do it! go treat yourself to something else like a little box of fresh rasberries or something.

P.S. those mint m&ms Rock.