Friday, November 23, 2007


I just found these. I didn't even remember they existed. And, there are more of them but I thought these were particularly funny. Yes, I am wearing a Harry Connick Jr. t-shirt. I'm scared too. Julianne and I are eating all green food that we made for St. Patricks Day. And Dave's've gotta love the 90s.


C+K said...


So glad we have blogs to keep in touch.. I def. dig the flashback posts and no tootin around it, early 90's had its fair share of snazzy ugly do's. Just wish I could bring it back:))... anyways,. very excited for our cannon family extravganza at your pad on the 28th... whoop whoop

Love katie

Julianne said...

LOL! Annie, where oh where did you find those? It took me a full minute to even recognize myself in the Elms parking lot pic. Ah, sweet memories... And the green food! We always were desperate for entertainment, weren't we? :) Thanks for the laughs.

Jane said...

Thank you Harry Conick Jr. That is awesome.