Monday, April 9, 2012


Grandma Porter hosted her annual Easter Egg hunt. Quinn was thrilled. 2012.April.Easter 017

2012.April.Easter 027

2012.April.Easter 035
Elise found the $10 silver egg.

2012.April.Easter 037

2012.April.Easter 044
The Easter bunny hides our baskets. Quinn discovered hers behind some pillows. When she found her basket she kept saying, "Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness." So much excitement.

2012.April.Easter 068
Are Easter Sunday pictures a joke for everyone? Hello cooler in the picture? Squinting Eyes? Late for church? A total rush (except not true for my niece-in-law who seems to have the best Sunday pictures).

2012.April.Easter 070
But Easter dinner was a success. I think. I tried this new salmon recipe that I found on Pinterest. Winner.
And of course we had our traditional bunny rolls.

And PS - we are doing no sugar (meaning - cookies, candy, soda, anything classified as treats/desserts) this month. Everyone was willingly on board. Such a great challenge. We got Easter* off and we sure enjoyed the treats but none of us ate nearly as much as we thought we would. Gavin was still trying to get a few last bites of a peep in before bedtime but couldn't stand another bite. I was most sad this morning when I couldn't have a leftover bunny roll.

Tonight for dessert - pineapple. And we were all totally happy. It can be done.

*We get one day off a week - Sunday.


Kristine said...

these pictures are darling! i love the pic of all the kids in their easter dress. they look sharp and darling!!! and whoa, that salmon! so good.. jen served the same thing and we didn't miss ham one bit. such a good meal.

i am SO impressed you guys are doing another month of no sugar. your kids are incredible. keep us posted on how it goes!

Jane said...

that easter egg hunt looks fun! And let's talk about that salmon some more. best i've ever had. it was unreal amazing. a fantastic dinner. Thanks for having us.

Mindy said...

Holy beautiful salmon! And I hate fish :)

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

You are amazing..All the way around!!!

Dayna said...

i HAVE to try that salmon. looks so good!!!

btw, i laughed out loud when i saw your mention of me. whatever! i'd love to take all the credit, but it would not have happened without our great lens (that does most of the work) and the fact our kids are crazy and wake up at 6:30am which gave us 3 hours to get ready. Ha.

We are doing the no sweets too. Almost on two weeks. Won't last forever (one of us will break soon enough... most likely me).