Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Halloween Tradition

For a whole year the kids talk about this Mystery Halloween Dinner. Saying that they love it is an understatement. They might like it more than Christmas. Well, maybe not but it is very close. They count down the days. They love the surprise. They love the names for all the food.

On the menu this year:
Mummy Heads (Chicken Pot Pie inspired from this )
Crunchy Skeleton (veggie platter - Egan's creation)
Pumpkin Brains (apricot jello with green grapes mixed in - Egan)
Candy Corn (tortilla pizza created by Jane)
Bug Juice (green gatorade, 7Up, gummy worms and dry ice)
Forked Eyeballs (pumpkin spice cake balls)

This year - an added surprise were the Surprise Balls. Another family tradition but typically at Christmas but kids love them anytime.

My sister posted this dinner as well as other amazing parties on her blog - Attend. Check it out. I love her blog and all her ideas.

And big thanks to Egan and Jane who really made this dinner a success but did not get pictured. :(
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Erin S. said...

What a fun, fun idea, Annie. You and your family are such amazing party throwers. Miss you!

katie m said...

ADORABLE! Your party far out-did mine. Remember our conversation? And you were being all modest about it?? Umm.... prove it all..

I love the forked eye balls. Those are genius. And the chicken pot pie dishes turned out awesome.

Well done, Porters and Metcalfs, well done indeed!!!!

Love you guys!

Angie said...

You're such a fun mom. :)