Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sisters Trip to Seattle

I don't know if I am blogging yet. Kind of having an blogging identity crisis. Or maybe it is more than blogging. I don't know. But I did just get back from an amazing trip to Seattle with my sisters and my parents. Dreamy weather, packed schedule, beautiful sites, good company and really incredible food. Sounds like I am exaggerating. But it is all true.

- a mini favorites party (we all brought 6 of one of our favorite things)
- paddle boarding on the Sound
- a walk around Lake Union and Green Lake
- tennis
- lots of shopping
- home cooking
- yum pizza from a Wood Fire Tuscan food truck
- Pike Place Market
- Kubota Gardens
- UW Volleyball game
- a visit to a few of our old stomping grounds
- a birthday party to beat all birthday parties

Thanks to Kenyon for letting me go and doing double the work for a bit. I bought the family white bread as a treat for while I was gone. They didn't even miss me they were so happy.

And thanks to Jane for being the photographer. Otherwise this post would not exist.

And thanks to the greatest parents. They are awesome hosts, tour guides, cook, and company.
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Chris, Amy and the girls said...

Looks amazing! You're all so talented, smart, and beautiful! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

By the way...I've missed your blog updates :)

Alissa said...

Looks like a great trip. I was just thinking about you today--we should do our quarterly activity sometime soon.

Julianne said...

How fun to see all of you together! And that shot of you guys on the front porch/steps brings back so many great memories of the Metcalf home. :)

Juliann said...

Sounds like a blast. . . glad you had fun! And does this identity crisis involve a trip to Paris? If so, I'm in.

Katie M. said...
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Katie M. said...

Yay. Love Annie's blog posts!! Seriously, like I said the other day, please adopt me when you guys do sister trips again. Cmon, puhleez?? I'm part Cannon and I can seriously be Metcalf for however long you wish!

Looks amazing!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes. Love all you girls + Holly. And I love Richard too. Let's not forget that wonderful guy!

Malea said...

Amazing weather indeed! I love to "See-Attle" myself. Dig your old stomping grounds so much. Great pics, too!