Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Few Things I Am LOVING

I Love Quinn - but I am not loving that she is already 3 months old. I want her to stay little for longer. She is starting to talk to us in her cute little baby language. She is also giggling and it kills me.
I also LOVE this spot of my house. I LOVE the wall color, the bedding, the chair, the framed art (thanks to Kristine). I love the little white bowl with headbands. I LOVE sitting there with Quinn E.

Speaking of rooms, I had Kristine make these wall hangings for the boys room. I LOVE them. Gavin was especially excited to make sure that I hung it just right.

I am also LOVING that H&M is in Las Vegas. Apparently I am a little behind the times and it has been there for a little while but I just barely found out. I really want to make a trip down there.

After a couple of recommendations, Kenyon and I finally made a trip to Five Guys Burger and Fries. (We ate out in the car) I am LOVING those fries and even the fresh hamburgers - and I am not a hamburger loving girl.

Am I loving this? Kenyon's hair is CURLY. And it is seriously long. I think it is ready for a little cut. But we are LOVING that he is home and generally feeling better.

And last thing I will mention in this post... Even with GLASSES - I am LOVING this girl.


Steve and Dayna said...

Quinn just gets cuter and cuter! I LOVE her nursery and all the cute things in it- it is a perfect little girl's nursery. We will have to try 5 Guys sometime. Its really popular in MD and even with my trips home I still haven't been.

Kristine said...

I am so happy you had five guys. Did kenyon like it?

And I miss your kids! Its hard not seeing them everyday. I love hearing Quinn make her noises too...she has such a sweet voice. That pic of her with T's glasses is hilar.

The posters look good!

And lets make a vegas/st. george trip asap!

Holly C M said...

Beautiful little baby! Darling house! Handsome Kenyon! I am so glad to see him smiling and standing up. And Carry On, Annie!

Jennifer said...

love the color! Kenyon looks great. Come a little further south to our H&M. good post annie!

Julianne said...

Darling colors in little Quinn's room. I've been dreaming and scheming about nursery colors for a girl; there are so many options with girls! Also happy that you have so much to love in your life right now.

Shanna said...

Ken, Your hair is just like mine--except for mine is only curly from my ears forward. Gives it body. I pray for you all the time. I know it's a very long haul, and discouraging to be back at ground zero,but you can do it (or at least w/ the Lord's help you can do it).

H&M in Las Vegas!! Obviously, I just found out too.

Christina said...

Her room is adorable. I love the bright happy colors. So cute.